So You’ve Completed Couch to 5K – Now What?

So You've Completed Couch to 5K - Now What?

So You’ve Completed Couch to 5K – Now What?

Couch to 5K is a great way to get started with running. But what do you do after completing Couch to 5K? You’ve spent 9 weeks getting used to running and have now completed Couch to 5K. The NHS’ guided running app and the challenge itself has kept you motivated and enthusiastic about running. You have followed the popular running plan and can now run a decent distance. Now that it’s all done, you are wondering what to do next. Let’s explore some options below.

So You've Completed Couch to 5K - Now What?

Running After Couch to 5K

It can be hard to know what to do after you have completed Couch to 5K. Here are some ideas:

– Treat yourself to running gear

You’ve just completed an intense challenge and have learnt a new skill. You can now run 5K – you are officially a runner! If running is something that you want to keep doing, treat yourself to some new running gear. A pair of new running trainers, a pair of running leggings, or a new sports bra, perhaps.

– Sign up to a 5K run

A great way to keep your running motivation is to sign up to do 5K runs. You can search for local runs online to find something near you in the near future. Look for local park runs and bigger events too.

– Challenge yourself with new targets

You have just taught yourself to run 5K. What is your next target? Challenge yourself with new targets to keep things fun. Perhaps you want to do 10K? Then start with a goal of 6K, then 7K and so on until your reach your new main target.

– Check out different running apps

A good running app can offer you support, entertainment, and of course lots of stats. Checking the stats can be a great way to see how you’re improving. You can also use apps to set your new targets and to help you achieve them.

– Get a running buddy

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to get out for your runs, find a running buddy. Having someone that you run with is a great way to make sure you show up. You wouldn’t bail on your friend, would you?

– Join a running club

If you don’t have a friend who is into running, you could join a running club. This will give you the opportunity to run with others. It will also make you feel accountable in a similar way to running with a friend.

– Try different types of running

There are many ways of running. Perhaps the kind you did during Couch to 5K is not the style that’s best suited for you. Explore some different options to see if there’s another type of running that you enjoy more. Trail running, fartlek (alternate periods of sprinting and periods of jogging), or short distance sprinting perhaps.

– Do Couch to 5K again

If you enjoyed the process of Couch to 5K, there’s no reason why you can’t do it again. Naturally, you don’t need to start from scratch. Choose runs from the last three weeks or so to still make them challenging enough.

– Give up running

I’m sure you’re happy that you completed Couch to 5K but if you don’t actually enjoy running, there’s no reason to continue. Sure, running is good for you but there are plenty of other exercise types that are too. If you hate running, try other fitness options until you find some that you enjoy. Finding something that you enjoy is the key to making it a habit that you will continue doing.

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