5 Reasons Why Walking is So Good for You

5 Reasons Why Walking is So Good for You

I absolutely love walking. It’s pretty much the only exercise I enjoy (except swimming but that rarely happens) and something I try to do every single day. Walking for health is a great way to look after your body and mind and comes with many benefits that we’ll look at below. 

  • It’s Great Exercise

Naturally, walking is wonderful cardiovascular exercise for your whole body. Even short walks provide lots of health benefits. Walking briskly is best if you’re walking for exercise reasons as it helps you build stamina, burn calories and makes your heart healthier too. 

5 Reasons Why Walking is So Good for You

  • You Get Fresh Air (and Vitamin D)

One of my favourite things about walking is that it gets you outside! Fresh air and daylight are both great for our well-being and being outside when it’s light helps us sleep better at night too. If the sun is shining, a walk will also provide you with Vitamin D which is important for good health. 

  • A Chance Explore Your Surroundings

Whether you’re walking in a village, in wilderness, on a trail or in a busy city, you get a chance to explore your surroundings and get to know the area better. I do different kinds of walks depending on if I’m on my own or or walking with someone else (and who this is) but I most love walking in the woods or near the sea. It’s good for my soul!

5 Reasons Why Walking is So Good for You

  • Improves Mental Health

Walking is great for mental health too. Exercise relieves tension and stress, boosts energy levels and releases endorphins that improve your sense of well-being. It also helps improve your memory and helps you think more clearly and gives your self-esteem a boost too. 

  • Time for Yourself

Going for solo walks also gives you a chance to have some time to yourself. This is especially important for parents and one of the main reasons I started walking more. A walk in the morning or a walk at night listening to an audiobook is one of my favourite ways to have some time to myself and do something just for me. 

5 Reasons Why Walking is So Good for You

Whether you like shorter walks around your neighbourhood or long hikes in the woods (or both!), there’s no doubt that walking is so good for you. It’s a great thing to do for your physical and mental health so keep walking!

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