Outdoorsy Date Ideas to Enjoy with your Partner Minimalist Family Adventures

Outdoorsy Date Ideas to Enjoy with your Partner

More traditional date nights, like dressing up and heading out for a candlelit dinner and drinks at a fancy restaurant or spending the evening watching the latest blockbuster at the cinema, are not for everyone. Some couples prefer spending their time closer to nature which makes perfect sense if you’re of the outdoorsy kind. 

In this article, we’ll explore some outdoorsy date ideas for connecting with your partner while enjoying time in nature at the same time. 

  • Hike & Pub

One of the simplest outdoorsy dates you can do is to go for a nice hike together somewhere scenic, then head to a local pub for a drink and a meal. This is a great all-year-round date idea – just dress appropriately for the weather. If the weather is warm, you can enjoy a refreshing drink in the pub garden and if it’s cold, you can warm up with a hearty meal in front of the fireplace indoors. Lovely!

Outdoorsy Date Ideas to Enjoy with your Partner Minimalist Family Adventures

  • Picnic

For spring and summer, a picnic in a nice location is a great way to spend time outside while enjoying some nice food and quality time with your partner. A picnic can be quite spontaneous too as you can pack whatever you have in the house or pick up some supplies on the way. Just remember a picnic blanket to sit on. 

An evening picnic is a very romantic idea too. Ideal for stargazing together whilst enjoying a bottle of wine.

  • Wild Swimming

Going for a dip in a remote and relatively private location is another lovely date idea for outdoorsy people. Find some good wild swimming locations near you to explore, and head for a swim together. This could be as part of one of the above or below ideas too. 

Outdoorsy Date Ideas to Enjoy with your Partner Minimalist Family Adventures

  • Watch the Sunset (or the Sunrise)

Watching the sunset together is definitely a romantic activity, so head out for a little walk to catch the sun setting in a nice place and sit down for a moment of stillness with your partner to take in the beauty of this. The sunrise is magnificent too – if you and your partner are early birds, head out with a flask of coffee or tea to watch the world come alive as the sun rises. 

  • Head out on the Water

If you and your partner love the water, head out for a date that incorporates this such as kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, or a boat trip of some kind. If you are new to these activities, you could join in with an instructor for a private lesson or as part of a group event to learn the required skills which is fun too.

  • Cycling Road Trip

A road trip is a fun way to explore a bit further but why not go on your bikes instead of in the car to make it more adventurous and outdoorsy? Pick a destination and book accommodation to stay in along the way and on arrival and enjoy the journey together with your partner.

Dating isn’t all restaurants or cinemas – there are so many fun and romantic outdoorsy activities to enjoy with your partner too!

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