How to Live a More Outdoorsy Lifestyle Minimalist Family Adventures

How to Live a More Outdoorsy Lifestyle

Some people grow up with a love for the outdoors – usually thanks to having outdoorsy parents. For others, this doesn’t come quite as naturally and some more active choices to encourage a more outdoorsy lifestyle are required. I grew up in a big city and saw myself as a city girl – though I did spend a lot of time in nature during the summer holidays. I always imagined myself living in a big city as an adult too, but, now that I am one, I would happily live in a small cottage in the woods! How things change. If you too feel like becoming more outdoorsy would be beneficial to you, then there are things that you can do to help the process. I will share some tips in this article.

How to Live a More Outdoorsy Lifestyle Minimalist Family Adventures

  • Define Your Why

Think about your why. Why are you looking to change your lifestyle and spend more time in nature? What’s calling you? Make some notes or a mind map or create a mood board to try and find why you want this and what your goals are. I’m drawn to spending more time outdoors simply because it makes me feel happier and more balanced, and makes me feel more like myself. It feels like I’m supposed to spend at least a big chunk of my days in the wild, enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful views. It makes me feel calm and at peace and makes me more aware of what’s really important in life.

  • Find Inspiration

Read books about outdoorsy adventures and follow outdoorsy people on Instagram and other social media platform to get a regular dose of inspiration for future adventures. There are some great documentaries on Netflix and plenty of outdoorsy content on YouTube to watch too. You’ll learn lots of things about where to go and what gear is useful too.

How to Live a More Outdoorsy Lifestyle Minimalist Family Adventures

  • Make a List

Make a list of places you would like to visit and things you’d like to try/do/achieve. At first it might be a wish list of lots of things that are perhaps a bit further in the future but soon you should be able to edit it into a more short-term check list too with achievable goals that you can incorporate into your life now. I have a yearly list of adventures that I would like my family to do and then another list for myself and a third one for more long term dream destinations. Start with small adventures not to far from where you live and then expand as your confidence grows.

How to Live a More Outdoorsy Lifestyle Minimalist Family Adventures

  • Prepare Your Body

Days out in nature often involve using your body whether you’re hiking, biking, backpacking, climbing or something else. It’s a good idea to do what you can to stay fit and keep your body in good shape for these outdoorsy activities. You can do that by actually going outdoors often and walking or running or do fitness classes, go indoor climbing or swimming, or work out in a gym, working on the skills and muscles that are needed the most for your favourite outdoorsy activities. Cardio is always good as good cardiovascular health is always needed.

  • Invest in the Correct Gear

The right clothes and gear will make all the difference. You don’t want the weather to get in the way of adventure. We live in a country where the weather is very interchangeable. Rain, snow, wind, cold or a surprise heat wave – you don’t know what you’re going to get so be prepared. Dress right for the weather and the activity and you’ll have a much better time. It will take some time and research to find the correct gear for your needs but you’ll get there soon.

Some activities don’t require any or much gear at all, like running, while for some sporty activities, you’ll need to invest in some gear to get started – you’ll need a wetsuit and a paddleboard if you want to get started with SUP, for example.

How to Live a More Outdoorsy Lifestyle Minimalist Family Adventures

  • Plan Your Weekend Adventures

It can be hard to fit in adventures into the busy work week so do make sure you plan some fun outings for the weekends instead. Make room for adventures during the weekend by doing some of your regular weekend tasks during the week. Get things booked in and planned to make sure they happen! Make a commitment to your new lifestyle and don’t let yourself down.

  • Find Other Outdoorsy People

Finding other people who enjoy adventuring in nature is a good idea for many reasons. Spending time with other outdoorsy people will broaden your horizons and help you develop essential skills. It can also help you feel more motivated and of course be great from a safety perspective too. Having an outdoorsy friend or group of people will ensure you have someone to chat to about your passion and someone to invite to join you on adventures big and small. You can of course hike solo and get out and about on your own too. If you don’t have anyone outdoorsy in your regular friendship circle or family, you can connect with people online or join organised hikes and trips to find like minded people and head out on adventures that you might not feel comfortable doing on your own.

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