Benefits of Going for a Walk in the Rain Minimalist Family Adventures

Benefits of Going for a Walk in the Rain

When the rain is pouring down outside, your natural instinct may be to stay at home instead of heading out for a walk in the rain. With British weather being like it is, rain is a regular occurrence and if we stayed in every time there’s a chance of rain we would rarely go out. Some weeks we have non-stop rain and if we didn’t go out for our regular walks or runs, we would get quite inactive.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits of going for a walk in the rain – put on the right gear and head outside in the rain for a walk to experience them yourself.

  • The air is fresher.

When you head outside when it’s raining or after the rain, you will probably notice that the air feels fresher. This is not just an illusion – the air is actually cleaner when it’s raining. When the rain falls from the sky, the raindrops attract air pollutants which cleans the air around us. This is why the air quality improves when it’s raining, and the air feels fresh and clean. Enjoy this phenomenon and breathe in that clean air with some deep breaths.

Benefits of Going for a Walk in the Rain

  • It gives you new perspective.

Walking in your regular environments while it’s raining will offer you a new perspective on things. If you stay present on your walk, you see things differently in the rain and notice how things look different when the weather is wet – the light changes, the scents, and the sounds. This can all inspire you to think about your own life from a new perspective too.

  • The calming scent of rain.

Speaking of scents, the scent of rain is amazing – I wish we could bottle it up! The ground and the air get a different scent when it’s raining as fragrances from the plants are released into the moisture in the air. It’s a calming scent that helps boost your mood.

Benefits of Going for a Walk in the Rain

  • You release control.

Nature is powerful and we cannot control the weather. When heading out in the rain for a walk, you release control as you let nature do its thing. Take this further and try to release control in other areas of life and focus on the things that you can and want to change.

  • It makes you appreciate the weather.

Going for a walk in the rain can also make you more appreciative of other types of weather which will make you enjoy them more. Experiencing the rain on your walk can also make you appreciate rainy days more too as you feel the benefits from walking in the rain yourself and see all the good that the rain does to the nature around you.

Benefits of Going for a Walk in the Rain Minimalist Family Adventures

  • It lets you enjoy privacy.

A big benefit of walking, hiking or running in rainy weather is that you will have more privacy. Fewer people are out and about when it’s raining which means you will have more privacy on your walk. This is great for having a mindful walk where you are focussing on the environment around you and the thoughts in your head.

What do you need to go for a walk in the rain?

If you want to go for a walk in the rain, it’s a good idea to have the right gear. You need some waterproof hiking shoes, a rain coat with a hood that offers good coverage and some water-resistant trousers. I like to use a longer coat so that I don’t need to worry about wearing waterproof rain trousers and I usually wear my cap in the rain too, to shield my face from the rain. Leave the umbrella at home so that you have your hands free. If you are taking a backpack, don’t forget your rain cover for the bag and take a flask with a hot drink if it’s cold outside. On cold, rainy days, I always wear a pair of rain gloves too, to keep my hands warm and dry.

Another bonus of heading out for a walk in the rain is that you’ll enjoy your home comforts even more when you get back. A cup of hot chocolate on the sofa under a blanket tastes much better after a walk in the rain.

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