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Challenge Yourself for National Walking Month UK 2024 – #WalkThisMay | AD

It is May which means it National Walking Month here in the UK. This month-long celebration is here to highlight the importance of walking. The event encourages people of all ages, no matter their fitness levels, to embrace walking.

Walking has so many benefits for our physical and mental health. Incorporating regular walking into your routine is a great way to improve your well-being and become a happier and healthier you.  

Challenge Yourself for National Walking Month UK 2024 - #WalkThisMay

How to get involved in National Walking Month in the UK

If you want to get involved in National Walking Month, all you really need to do is walk. Head out within your local area or explore further if you wish and enjoy strolling and the nature around you.

You can also join walking groups if you would prefer to walk with company. See if you can find a local walking group. Walking groups are a great way to connect with others with the same goal. Additionally, they are a great way to explore new routes that you might not have found on your own. Of course, you can also make your own walking group with friends and family to encourage each other to walk more.

There are also charities that organise walking events during National Walking Month to raise funds for a good cause. These provide an excellent opportunity to support an important cause while also improving your own health at the same time.

Challenge Yourself for National Walking Month UK 2024 - #WalkThisMay

Challenge Yourself for National Walking Month

Next, a great way to embrace National Walking Month is to set yourself some personal walking goals or challenges. This could be a minimum number of steps per day, walking further, walking for a certain time, or walking in new locations. A goal is a great way to keep you motivated. Share your achievements with others too, to inspire them to join in as well.

My Walking Goals for National Walking Month

I love walking and try to walk quite a lot in my daily life. However, how much I walk each day varies depending on the time of the year and my schedule. I generally try to walk at least 10,000 steps each day but sometimes it’s a bit less. Some days it’s a lot more!

Last year, I was training for the Edale Skyline Walk which is about 50,000 steps so I increased my walking a lot in the run up, aiming to do 20,000+ steps per day more often.

My goals for National Walking Month 2024 are going to be the following:

  • 15,000+ steps per day
  • 20,000+ steps at least one day per week

My aim is to become more consistent with my walking and to walk a bit more than I currently do. Let’s see how it goes! I will share my daily and weekly progress over on Instagram.

Walking Essentials

My Walking Essentials

You really don’t need a lot to make walking a big part of your life. My few personal walking essentials are:

Best Walking Socks Minimalist Family Adventures

I have a fresh pack of 1000 Mile Women’s Walking Socks ready for my walking challenge this month. These lovely socks are suitable for use with walking boots or shoes and offer 3-season comfort. Complete with temperature control and ventilation zones on the top of the foot to help feet maintain an even temperature. The socks have a loop stitched pile for volume and protection, and arch bracing for additional support. Other features include padded toe and heel panels and a flat toe seam to ensure comfort and reduce the risk of friction and blisters. Decent hiking socks are an essential part of foot care for hikers and walkers.  

Staying hydrated is always important. If you’re walking in warmer weather or for longer periods of time, it’s a good idea to carry water with you. These eco handheld water bottles from Ultimate Performance are not only easy to carry when you’re walking or running, but they are carbon neutral too. They are made from 100% bio polymers which are made from plants. These absorb carbon dioxide while growing. When converted to polymer, they are carbon neutral. The bottles are made using the latest technology to reduce the energy consumption needed. Additionally, the factory uses solar energy to power the product and lighting. The bottles themselves are fully recyclable too. They are available in two sizes – 300ml and 580ml.


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