Kiddiwhizz Whizzer Review | Kids Eco-Toilet for Wees Anywhere Minimalist Family Adventures

Kiddiwhizz Whizzer Review | Kids Eco-Toilet for Wees Anywhere

My daughters are not great at going for a wee outdoors so we sometimes struggle on long family hikes when one or all of them need a wee. They worry about their privacy and they worry about getting wee on their legs, clothes or shoes. These are valid concerns – weeing outdoors isn’t the easiest when you’re not used to it! I grew up in Sweden and spent a lot of time in nature during the summers where the only choice was weeing outdoors so I personally don’t think it’s difficult but it is something that requires a bit of practice.

Kiddiwhizz Whizzer Review | Kids Eco-Toilet for Wees Anywhere Minimalist Family Adventures
Image by Kiddiwhizz via Amazon

A few weeks ago, I was researching ways to help children go for wild wees and came across Kiddiwhizz on Instagram. The brand was running a giveaway and I was lucky enough to win a Whizzer which is a portable kids eco-toilet that lets children wee anywhere with ease. You can see my quick reel showing the Whizzer on Instagram here.

It’s a really handy and innovative product and it now comes with us on all long outings whether hikes or car journeys. It’s about the size of a travel coffee mug so very easy to fit in your bag or hang on your pushchair.

Kiddiwhizz Whizzer Review | Kids Eco-Toilet for Wees Anywhere Minimalist Family Adventures
Family hiking essentials: Hapi reusable water bottles for hydration and the Whizzer for wild wees!

The Whizzer is made from high-grade silicone (BPA-free and FDA-approved) and has a capacity of 250ml which is the average size of an 8-year-old’s bladder. It’s a unisex design with a detachable spout for boys and girls. It’s quick and easy to assemble, take apart and clean. The clever soft silicone spout moulds around the user’s body for privacy and to make weeing in a cup a mess-free experience for both boys and girls.

The Whizzer has a leakproof design with an internal funnel that keeps the liquid secure inside the main body of the cup.

Kiddiwhizz Whizzer Review
Image by Kiddiwhizz via Amazon

All three of my kids love using the Whizzer and it’s made wild wees so much easier! When we first got it we had lots of practice wees at home to ensure they were all comfortable using it and to learn exactly how and where to hold it to ensure all wee was contained.

The 250ml capacity is great for kids and soon there will be a larger 500ml one available too – The Big Whizzer, which will be great for adults! Perfect for camping and festivals, for example. (Here’s how to go to festivals for free, by the way!)

You might have seen Zoë Chapman, founder of Kiddiwhizz, on Dragon’s Den last night, demonstrating her clever product that helps parents on days out, when travelling or for general toilet training. It’s also a brilliant option for children with disabilities or conditions that make using public toilets difficult. The wonderful news is that Kiddiwhizz received a £50,000 Dragon’s Den investment to help the business grow!

Buy your Whizzer by Kiddiwhizz from here. It’s available in a range of beautiful colours. You can also buy your Whizzer from The Nappy Gurus where you can enjoy 10% off with my discount code AMUMREVIEWS.

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