How to Keep Your Tent Tidy, Clean and Organised When Camping Minimalist Family Adventures

How to Keep Your Tent Tidy, Clean and Organised When Camping

If you want to have an enjoyable, relaxing and stress-free camping experience, it’s essential to keep your tent tidy. Whether you are car camping and have a large family tent or are keeping it minimal with a backpack and small tent, your stuff needs to be organised in your tent. A small tent will have fewer storage options than a large tent but people who camp in small tents tend to have fewer things with them compared to a family camping in a large tent.

Let’s look at how to keep your tent tidy, clean and organised when camping!

  • Use Your Porch (if you have one)

If your tent has a porch / vestibule, this is a great place for storing things like shoes, wet and muddy clothes, cooking equipment and camping chairs, for example, depending on its size. Some tents can be extended with an awning, extension, or a tarp to create extra space. A porch space is a great way to reduce the number of things inside your actual tent which helps keep things tidy.

How to Keep Your Tent Tidy, Clean and Organised When Camping Minimalist Family Adventures

  • Utilise Clever Storage Solutions

Last year, I bought an Ozark 3 Tier Storage Cabinet which you can see here. It’s packs up into a flat and quite compact bag and provides lots of storage for us when we’re camping in a tent or staying in a camping pod. We’re very happy with the purchase and the products is easy to use and sturdy. It has three shelves that fit plenty of stuff, a sturdy tabletop for more storage and a hook on the side too which is ideal for a bin bag. It saves us so much space in our tent!

We store our clothes organised into packing pods (they’re actually designed for reusable nappies but great for camping and lots of other things too). They’re all in different prints to make it easy for everyone to find what they need quickly. They slot into the Ozark 3 Tier Storage Cabinet perfectly. The unit can be zipped closed too.

On top of the unit, we keep a fold-up storage box with our water bottles, hand sanitiser, first aid kit, sun cream and other items that we want to keep within easy reach. You can also see our washing up bowl there with clean pots and pans. We use a large black box for our non-perishable food and two small transparent boxes for other small items. Make sure everyone knows what goes where and that everyone helps put things back properly.

How to Keep Your Tent Tidy, Clean and Organised When Camping Minimalist Family Adventures

Anything that’s only used for a while is best tidied and put away after the activity has finished. Cooking and kitchen equipment can be stored neatly in a Kelty Roadie Life Camp Galley. Kelty has a new collection of useful camping kitchen and car organisers for camping adventures and road trips to keep your gear organised.

This clever organiser has plenty of storage for keeping your cooking equipment organised in your tent. Features include attachment loops so that you can hang it up if you wish, three zippered pockets at the top for things like utensils and spices, a zippered pocket at the bottom for more utensils and two sleeves for larger things like plates, pans or cutting boards, and a paper towel roll holder at the bottom. You can also use this to hang a towel or cloth.

How to Keep Your Tent Tidy, Clean and Organised When Camping Minimalist Family Adventures

  • Keep Your Tent Clean

If your tent is organised well, it should be quite easy to keep it clean as long as there’s a joint effort to keep it tidy and you all do your best to keep dirt out.

Take a compact doormat and place this at the entrance of the tent (or in the porch if you have one). If shoes are removed here, there’s much less risk of treading dirt into the tent.

Do as much of your food prep, cooking and eating outdoors whenever possible to keep any food mess to a minimum (and bugs away from your tent). Lots of campsites in the UK have picnic tables available to use and sometimes there are sheltered areas to use too.

It’s pretty much impossible to keep every speck of dirt out – you are camping after all! A compact dustpan and brush are great to have with you for small, quick clean-ups.

Collaboration. Features a gifted sample of Kelty Roadie Life Camp Galley.

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